Rush Limbaugh Sucks

Rush Limbaugh was a sexist, bigoted, racist piece of shit. If you liked him, supported anything he said, are defending him now, then you too are a stupid piece of shit. Go fuck yourself.

Rush Limbaugh’s Most Racist Quotes
Rush Limbaugh's Every (sic) Racist Moment

This is from 2014, so there's LOTS not in this video.
Mocking Michael J. Fox
Rush Limbaugh Spent His Lifetime Speaking Ill of the Dead

You can go fuck yourself with this "don't speak ill of the dead" nonsense. Rush sucked shit, and can rot in hell.
Rush Limbaugh Did His Best to Ruin America
About Sandra Fluke

I know it's Wikipedia—it has dozens of sources listed, dipshit.–Sandra_Fluke_controversy